Moritz Grossmann

In 2008 Christine Hutter founded the fine Glashütte watch manufactory Moritz Grossmann, with the name of the famous Glashütte watch pioneer.

The timepieces of the Saxon watch genius and initiator of the German Watchmaking School in 1878, Moritz Grossmann, are symbols of modern thinking in the form of classic, reduced design and perfect mechanics. The manufactory stands for outstanding craftsmanship with a strong watchmaking heritage, focusing on only the essentials. The timepieces are made unique by the highest level of finishing and their manually crafted hands.

The BENU line of Moritz Grossmann interprets „schönstes deutsches Handwerk“ and the most modern technology with a contemporary appeal. The TEFNUT ladies` watches represent delicate mechanics and subtle design in gold and mother of pearl. Luxurious elegance meets a thoughtful mechanical heart.

The timepieces of the manufactory represent excellent mechanical solutions, combining ease of use with technical perfection.

The timepieces of Moritz Grossmann were created in the 19th century, in the small city of Glashütte in the Ore Mountains. This is where the exceptionally talented Moritz Grossmann developed outstanding watch models in his atelier. More than 100 years later, the trained watchmaker Christine Hutter comes across his legacy in Glashütte. Today, her newly established manufactory reinterprets traditional craftsmanship with modern technology.