Mason and Books

A native New Yorker, Jamie Books is an accessories industry vet whose career spans 15 years designing luxury accessories. Books began her career in fine jewelry—studying at the Camberwell College of the Arts and later pivoted to include handbags and small leather goods. However, her relationship with jewelry began as far back as the designer can remember: jewelry has always been an outlet for creativity as well as a way for Books to assert her own independence. Throughout her life jewelry has been something that she has always turned to catapult her into the next chapter. Naming her brand Mason and Books was a tribute to her muses and cheerleaders— her children. ”Mason” is her daughter’s middle name, and her son’s initials are MB. Books hopes that one day M&B will be something they can grow together. (However, no pressure.) In 2021, Books debuted her line, inspired by her family, color, and the rollercoaster ride of life. The Mason and Books design philosophy is to dream up unconventional ways to interpret common concepts. Incorporating unique color combinations of cut and sourced gemstones, with 360-degree design. Every creation is crafted entirely by hand by master jewelers at our dedicated workshop in New York City. Books takes pride in personally overseeing each step in the creation process with meticulous care. Beginning with her own hand sketches and bespoke wax models. Books champions domestic manufacturing and supports USA craftsmen who have taught her so much.